The 60D vs. The Elements vs. Everything Else

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Re: Additional points...

Didn't know that about the shutter speed while shooting video, but will make a note and hopefully that will save me a little time and aggravation while learning.

Will definitely be a lot of bright sunlight and, the vast majority of the time, I will be forced to shoot video and stills in the middle of the day, at least when on group hikes, which, even I know, is not the best of times. Knowing that, I spent some time yesterday reading about graduated ND filters and accepted that at least one of those would be a necessity. I'm guessing a soft, 2-step would be best for starters, given what and where I will be shooting, and after reading about cheap filters, I guess I should bite the bullet and go with Singh-Ray.

I have a monopod on my list, with fluid head, or maybe fluid base to help with stability and panning. I am aware that IS should be turned of when using a tripod, but am under the impression it should remain on when using a monopod. Also, I know IS is not a panning IS, but the way you talk, it sounds as though IS will still help stabilize video shots when not panning. If so, I was not aware of that.

And realize there is no one-lens answer, just wanted something to start me out and cover most of my bases. I can always pick up another one at a later date once I get a little experience under my belt. I've had so many lens recommendations my head is spinning, but will consider all of them and then sleep on it for a week or so before making a final decision. Lens selection, especially for a newb, is complicated by a myriad of things that are well beyond the scope of my knowledge.

And whether I go with the high-dollar 17-55 or the mid-dollar 15-85 or the low-dollar 18-55, I know the 10-22 is out there as a possibility for later on. However, if a 10-22 is in my future (in order to get a wide 16mm on the cropped sensor), seems like it would make sense to buy a first lens that does not have a lot of overlap with the 10-22. But if that is true, none of the above three lens I am considering would make much sense. There goes my head... spinning again!

Yes, I have prepared myself for audio corruption due to camera/lens noise and am prepared to use a portable recorder if it comes right down to it. For starters, though, I think I will plug a Rode VideoMic Pro directly into the camera to see how it works before deciding on whether I need a Zoom H4n or a Tascam D-100

Yeah, the 60D seems like a good choice for me, given my needs and skill level. It's not the quality of the 7D, which I did consider, but with the swivel screen and on-board audio control, I think it will serve me well.

Wish me luck because I feel like I'm going to need it!!

Thanks for your input,

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