Martin Bailey review of 5DIII

Started Mar 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
Matt Brennan Contributing Member • Posts: 625
Re: Martin Bailey review of 5DIII

Thanks everyone for the more complete insights on Martin.

Like all of you, I thought his review was excellent in its presentation and depth. With the endorsements he has received within this thread, I am no longer concerned about the retailer reference at the end.

I am most pleased to see such a favorable review about the 5DIII. As a Canon enthusiast and owner, it has been a bizarre few weeks reading (enduring) thread after thread of 5DIII concerns and Nikon versus Canon comparisons (of two cameras that weren't even available for testing).

I'll be just as happy if the D800 camera is a success for those folks. We are all best off if both Nikon and Canon enjoy a long run of healthy, successful competition.

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