Why is the overexposed area on Silkypix from the X-Pro turn into green???

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Re: Last page of the silky pix manual sez

Hi again mr Usee, your comments have not been helpful at all and no, I am not going to buy any other version of Silkypix - I already paid for one with the camera I purchased and it does not work well at all.

If you have some constructive and specific suggestions about how to use the one I paid for - not generalities , or blaming the customer (me) so to speak - I am listening.

I have the colour charts, done my homework and read the documentation, combed a couple of forums - due diligence.

I guess you like the software, but I think it is bad - overly complex, slow, rough on hardware (it even warns users at the end of the manual!) and the few good files I have made took an inordinate amount of time and effort.

I want to take pictures instead of spending my life in post - production trying to get results I take for granted and achieve quickly with the tools I like and am used to.

I am surprised there are not more posts about using the RAW processor sold with the camera - I am certain many other customers are having difficulty too.

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