Epson service TOO FAR!

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Vernon D Rainwater Forum Pro • Posts: 13,426
Re: Epson service TOO FAR!

Timzee wrote:

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

You referred to: Error Code: 0001001B

Look at Page 111.

The 00010000 - 00010003 range of error codes indicates the paper feed is defective.

Thanks for the link. Actually on page 104 of that document it specifically lists Error Code 0001001B as a Head Drive Temperature Error. This is what I was finding in other searches as well. Most said a new head was likely the cure, but there were a few who claimed it could well be a loose wire which was producing a "false positive" as it were.

Others reported that the error occurred after physically moving the printer and indeed my 4000 was moved just before the error started showing up.

So I checked all the connections.. wiggled the wires... still got the error. Finally resorted to a highly technical procedure whereby I rocked the printer back/forth and jostled it a bit. Yeah, I know, pretty lame-- but it seems to have worked. The error no longer appeprinter'she pritner's back to normal. Stay tuned...

That gave me a chuckle along with remembering old times. That is what my Father would do (actually needed to do) for me when I was exceptionally "Naughty" and that also worked.

Just joking of course. My thought is that there evidently was something making only a "slight contact" which can cause heat to be generated so that seems very logical to me. Glad it is back working and hopefully it will continue.

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