D800 DXO mark rivals medium format cameras...

Started Mar 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
stevielee Senior Member • Posts: 1,138
So What! ...

jrdigitalart wrote:

Never let it be said that I oppose people espousing their opinions. That said, Steve, is your opinion re the SD1's performance in IQ and resolution stakes based on your personal experience with the camera, or just your version of hyperbole?

That may be true to a point... but, many of my "opinions" concerning the overall IQ of the SD1 has been based not solely on my own "version of hyperbole", but has also come from several other non-opinionated, pretty neutral measurement tests (like the one linked in this thread) that shows quite clearly what the SD1 is, and what it is not, and being anywhere near "MF-Like" DSLR the SDI is definitely NOT! - all of our own personal "opinions" here notwithstanding.

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