5dmk3 and 5dmk2 pictures (different AA-filter)

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Re: 5dmk3 and 5dmk2 pictures (different AA-filter)

1) It is not surprising at all that the pictures from Mikael Risedal look equally sharp. These are 2 similar cameras with 21MP and 22MP sensors respectively, so resolution is practically the same.

2) Look at the charts posted by Steen Bay and coming from:

They compare D800, 5DII, 5DIII and ,to a lesser extent, D700 resolution wise....And of course there is no surprise there, D800 comes ahead since resolution is a direct function of the number of pixels in the sensor.

But you will also see that the D700 is way below the 5D Mark II in terms of resolution, again this is not surprising with 12MP vs 21MP, and yet the D700 is unquestionably an excellent camera as well. The Canon 5D Mark II had 75% more megapixels than the Nikon D700 with which it was competing. Interestingly enough, today the Nikon D800 has roughly 64% more megapixels than the Canon 5D Mark III, which is a smaller increase than between the 2 former FF competitors and which is probably less important since both resolutions are higher.

I do not recall all the owners of Nikon equipment crying and being despaired when the 5DII was announced, right?

So and as many people have already said, resolution is not the only criteria to make or break a digital camera as proven by the success of BOTH the 5D Mark II and the D700.

Personally, I notice that history is repeating itself, this time with opposite roles, and in the end if I were to make an upgrade decision, and I am not, I would not use resolution as the only factor. In my case, the amount of glass I have amounts to several times the cost of a new body, and that fact allows me to make a very easy decision...

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