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u007 wrote:

Ross Scott wrote:

I am soo disappointed with Nikon right now and the shambolic way they have handled this D800 launch in the UK.

I am fortunate to get Nikon products slightly cheaper than most but I like lots of others are in for a long wait on this product I think but I certainly would not be paying the extra £200 for this if I was not on a pre-order list.



Nikon are absolutely terrible at this

My tiny little camera store (about 10ft by 10ft room) in my town of 20,000 people has TWO brand new 5d3 on the shelf. It is also in stock on amazon, calumet, wex and all other large retailers. I could buy a 5d3 right now, no problem.

Why is it that Canon can announce a product and two weeks later it's in stock everywhere. Yet Nikon announce it 7 weeks ago, and yet still don't know how/where/when/how many are going to be delivered. Hell, they don't even know about the price! The whole "internal error" thing has left a very sour taste in my mouth.

UK customers getting screwed yet again. Why is it that the d800 can cost £1990 in Denmark but £2600 in the UK? Their duty is the same as ours (EU) and their VAT is 25%, whereas ours is 20%. And I'm sure that the UK is a larger market. So why is it that we get shafted?

Obviously this is madness pricing structure in the UK markets, because we are basically paid few times for the VAT where people don’t realise it…

UK Distribution –

Paid: Import Duty (x% VAT)

Sell to retailers: Import Duty (x%) + Profit Margin (x%) + 20% VAT

Retailers –

Paid UK distribution: Import Duty (x%) + Profit Margin (x%) + 20% VAT

Sell end users: Import Duty (x%) + Profit Margin (x%) + 20% VAT + Profit Margin (x%) + 20% VAT

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