Un-install Photoshop CS6 Beta

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Re: Un-install Photoshop CS6 Beta

erik hansen wrote:

Just as a heads up, that uninstall app leaves a whole lot of Adobe trash all over your drive. But that’s par for the course for Adobe software.
Erik P. Hansen

Well, it's not always just trash. Some personal preference settings and privately made curves, profiles, and the like are retained so that they can be picked up by upgrades without having to be reinstalled. This is a true convenience and would be a pita if not done.

If, however, it is your desire to rid your computer completely of all evidence of PS, this practice leaves something to be desired. Perhaps Adobe would be kind to provide an option with the un-installer to do a complete job vs. leaving settings and privately installed items to be used by the upgrade.

I, for one, would hate to uninstall a version of PS only to have to completely re-customize any upgrade.

I do recall an earlier un-installer, I believe it was between PS4 and PS5, when, if you'd installed PS5 and then uninstalled PS4, various common packages were deleted rendering PS5 inoperable until you reinstalled it. That, of course, was silly.

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