XZ-1 and Shaprness Function, Help Please

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Re: XZ-1 and Shaprness Function, Help Please

Most things we do is out of personal preference rather than hard facts.

So you really need to direct your questions to the person who made those choices.

I for instance always shoot raw and will not buy a camera that can't shoot raw or which produces raw files that can't be handled by Lightroom. It's my choice, based on what I like to do with the images and how I like to work. For someone who wants to work in other ways, my choices might not make sense at all.

Locking white balance to daylight prevents changes in white balance between images as long as the light stay the same and you are outside under a blue sky. It's pretty handy at times. Setting sharpness to -1 reduces the appearance of artifacts from jpg compression, which can be good if one intend to shoot jpg and post process them later in a computer.

Randyflycaster wrote:

I'm not sure how and when to use this function. Somewhere on this site a photographer posted that whenever he's shooting outdoors he sets the function to minus 1 sharpness (and white balance to sunlight).

Why would he do this?

I'm trying to learn ...

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