Would like honest opinion for us amateurs

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Would like honest opinion for us amateurs

Hi all,

For the past year I've been using a Panasonic GH2 with very good results. It's mostly been for shots of our newborn but at some point we'll get back to travelling more. By no means am I great photographer, I have little technique, but I think I have an Ok-ish eye when it comes to composition (i have some just random stuff in my DP gallery and here is some test footage of my video skills to give you a sense of what I can do http://vimeo.com/27387098 - be easy on me). I'll try to post some photos tonight of some of the stuff I've done on this camera and my older D70 to give you a better idea of my skills. Generally, I've been using the camera for 2/3 images and 1/3 video.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit of upgrade-itis with all of the samples I've seen from the bloggers. My house is feeling a bit empty and would love to fill it with huge prints. I've been pleased with the GH2 output but something seems to be missing in my view. Maybe its not having the larger sensor. Maybe its the dynamic range. Not sure what it is.

What I'm asking is will an amateur (that is very much willing to learn) have a lot to gain from upgrading to this camera? I know it won't make me a better photographer but certainly the advantage of higher resolution, more dynamic range, larger sensor, etc would result in better output?

To me it reminds me of my purchases of guitars. Most will never be able to hear the difference between my hand made Collins Acoustic, a mass produced Martin guitar, and a cheapo fender made in China. Paying $3K for that Collins won't make you a better guitarist. However, the tone of that guitar inspires me to better myself at the instrument.

I think great tools can help inspire you to push yourself to be better. Do you think the D800 warrants a closer look for us amateurs or am I just wasting cash? I figure I could sell my current GH2 (14-140mm, 20mm, 25mm, 45mm, flash) and cover about 2/3 of the body and then there are lenses to still buy.

Also, do you think the D800 is one of those cameras that are just too large to take to casual things such as dinner? Would it place me at a disadvantage for street photography (too noticeable)? Would it be viewed as professional that I couldn't take it into concerts or other events?

Thanks all. I want this dialogue to be constructive for all and not turn into this big flame-war between different formats or pro-photographer vs amateurs, etc. I'm just looking for some insight.

Nikon D70 Nikon D800 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2
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