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Re: D4 basketball

Well, the indoor shooting season is over. I shot the boy's state championship game last weekend with the D3 and D4 and these are my impressions, the second time out.

The D4 feels more comfortable and lighter in my hands than the D3, although the D3 feels more familiar, if that makes sense. My first go around, i inadvertently changed the shutter speed on a couple occasions but this time that didnt happen. Perhaps i was aware of it subconsciously? I still need to determine which button i will use to lock it.

I miss a second CF slot. ive never run out of space shooting a 16 and an 8 gig card with the D3. Just put them in and forget it. I dont have a usb 3 port on my computer yet so i havent used the xqd, dxq, qdx or whatever the heck it is. Frankly, I hate the thought of having to deal with a second type of card. Big negative for me.

The AF is amazing compared to my D3.

My usual work flow is NX2 for post with only in camera sharpening, and I save and store the full processed jpeg along with the raw file. Then I size the jpeg to 1100 and sharpen if necessary. In the past, inevitably, i would have to selective sharpen about 10-15% of 150-200 shots because the D3 didnt maintain focus while tracking or the player was too close to me with the 70-200. In my second processing session Ive only had to selective sharpen three images out of 450. Amazing!

This is the type of shot the D3 would rarely capture with that lens.

The D4, hasnt missed this yet.

100% crop. D4, 70-200 at f/2.8, 1/1000sec and ISO 5000. No NR

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