D800 studio sample of my daughter,oh boy the detail

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Re: D800 studio sample of my daughter,oh boy the detail

Try shooting with a 200/2VR on the old D3 or D700.... Very challenging as well on a moving child while wanting to use the narrow depth of field.... even when she's sitting on a chair.

sharp focus and enough DOF is everything, especially when shooting a person from an angle.

I am just trying to say that this (regarding same sensorsize = dof) is more important than the increase in resolution.

Sure the D800 shows a picture at 100% where the D700 has to zoom in to 173%, but zooming at 100% on the D800 is simply huge.... you're regarding such a small piece of the total file, which stands in no comparison to that what sharp focus and good DOF do.

The only good thing about the D800 is that one has to think before you press the shutter. Good technique and good previsualisation is key with this beast. Like the old days, 36 chances on a piece of filmroll..... here 24 chances on a 2GB flash card

And yes, ofcourse jealous that you own a D800 and I do not..... (yet) and ...... nice kid ofcourse!


svenphoto wrote:

marike6 wrote:

Auke B van der Weide wrote:

sure the detail is great on the d800, but what I dont understand is why would you think the D700 has more room for motionblur than a D800. They're both fullframe and the slightest movement is just as well visible on the D700 as the D800.

the difference in resolution between 12MP and 36MP may look much, but I cant imagine it is that much, that it makes motionblur on the D700 is invisible while it is visible on the D800.... Isn't it just enthousiasme that is speaking for you or can you show us a clear example?

Totally agree with this. I believe way too much is being made about this issue. Motion blur is motion blur. It makes no sense that one camera should augment motion blur or camera shake. This concept, along with the idea that about 3 of Nikon's very best lenses will be the only usable optics on the D800, have gotten blown way out of proportion. It's gotten to the point where people are claiming that the D800 will only produce sharp images if it's used on a tripod.

Nice image, although your little model doesn't look to thrilled.

I guess in a few monts from now,most D800 owners will be used to the hi-Rez and there is little talk about it.

I know I have to get used to it; I don't mind, I always aim to improve myself. I feel challenged by it.

After I shoot about 18 pics of my doughter I check them on a 27" monitor and see if the eye I focused on is tack sharp. Maybe I should keep pics that are looking good printed max a4. For me personally it's less forgiving, but maybe not for you.
What are your impressions since I assume you got one as well ?

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