noct-nikkor 58mm 1.2 on D3/D3s

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Re: the two monochromes in your first post (pic 50 Lux ASPH/M9)

No AI here, mine is one of the last AIS produced with a SN of 1932xx. Can't compare with the Lux since I don't shoot RF but I know what you mean, I've seen plenty of M9/Lux combination. I still prefer the Noct bokeh.

Artichoke wrote:
are superb
lovely subjects make for pleasing photography
beautifully executed & rendered files

the Nikon D4-D1/800 forum can be a bit rough, perhaps because they have such an ungainly name
generally speaking it seems folks on the Nikon Lens forum are more tolerant

flhotelin wrote:

a new one:

abolit wrote:

what are you doing here, flhotelin ???!!!!
Those images are too good for nikon forum
You should have lied saying those taken by M9 and 50 lux

I would have been suspicious

this last offering looks a quick snap in unfavorable conditions & quickly worked, but I am glad you posted it

the Noct Nikkors are grand lenses, but have a very different look from the modern Summilux 50's

the AIS version ceased production 15 years ago, but from the bokeh in this last sample, I suspect you have the older AI model
I find the Kodak CCD sensor in my M9 also renders skin tones much more favorably

an example taken with the M9 & 50 Lux ASPH under probably similar circumstances, albeit not so candid

note the bokeh & colors which I find remarkable given the dreadful industrial light

I have a much larger version of this here -------> along with more complete shooting information & some other examples
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