can the 7, 7i, 7Hi do infrared?

Started Jan 4, 2003 | Discussions thread
Plamen Antonov Senior Member • Posts: 1,879
Re: can the 7, 7i, 7Hi do infrared?

Michael Patrick wrote:

Melanie Kipp wrote:

Only the D7 can. The 2 later models included a "hot Mirror" and
this causes the IR photos to have a big, washed out area in the
center of the photos.

Has anyone actually tried with the 7i or 7Hi?

I have an IR filter I had used with my D5 however it hasn't been
warm enough to try the filter on my 7Hi. I've read about the IR
filters on the newer models but don't want to give up hope until I
try it for myself.

Hope it stops raining soon....

Michael, please try soon. I was considering IR filter (Hoya).

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