So, I'm disturbed by B&W photos, help

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Re: Are you really this paranoid

This looks like trolling. What is this actually about? The word "help" in the initial post title is clearly not meant seriously, the original poster seems to be more interested in persuading others than getting help. In every response they make they assert that there is a problematic number of black and white images that come out of protographer laziness; its all "yeah it might be me, but they ARE doing the bad things I say". There is a subtext along the lines of: "people who do stuff I don't like are immoral". The pathetic pleas for tolerance, using words like "hurts" and "inexperienced" do seem to be sucking some people in, but into what? The poster says that they question the motivations of other photographers and they want stuff proved to them (the business about needing to see the colour versions of photos to validate the other photographer's motives), which is at least weirdly egocentric and definitely improbable. Is this collection of mind games really genuinely attempting to talk about black and white photography or is it just trying to be needlessly provocative?

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