IQ - Micro Four Thirds VS APS-C. M4/3 loses to APS-C DSLR in image quality?

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Re: what's your point?

I've been reading some very informed opinions here, and I feel embarrassed to admit that I do not know as much as I should about the physics of sensors and lenses. Then again, when I was shooting film, I never did learn what made Cibachrome of Fujifilm more appealing to me than Kodak, except for the Tri-X. I just looked at the results.

I still do with my digital cameras; my results have nothing to do with what the camera is capable of; they are directly related to what I'm interested in. Now it so happens that I walk a lot with my cameras, and I go into dimly lit places or take night shots. In my experience, for daytime work, I'm quite satisfied with my E-P1 and GH-1. The only real problem with the E-P1 is the lack of any kind of VF. In dark places, i.e., at higher ISO's, the noise is unbearable.

I switched to the Fuji X-100, which does remarkably well in every aspect of my photographic habits - except that it has only one lens; I bought the X-10 to supplement the X-100. Small sensor, but, to my taste, great results, day and night; I consistently get satisfactory results at ISO 3200 (using the advanced mode on the X-10); and I have not been affected by orbs. There again, though, only one lens.

I have a few MFT lenses that I would love to put back to work. For this, I'm looking forward to the EM-5. If it produces good quality at ISO 3200, it will be, for the time being, my dream camera. Of course, in five years time, I'll probably think it obsolete...

I can't explain why. But you can see what I'm talking about here: .

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