NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

Started Mar 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
pcheywood Regular Member • Posts: 187
Re: NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

I would consider C1 and Silkypix to be 'native' convertors being that they have been issued with Samsung cameras.

And for others, you can hardly blame Samsung for Adobes market model of forcing customers to upgrade to their latest and greatest just to be able to process their shots !

tjobbe wrote:
pcheywood wrote:

It's an update to the RAW file, you'll just have to wait for the third party convertor suppliers to catch up, just like they have to with every new RAW file.

C1 and Silkypix do support the new RAW from the NX200 even in an non actual version.....so I assume it to be an issue with LR interpreting the EXIF's

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