NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

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Re: It was already 12-bits

jschantz wrote:

random78 wrote:

If you look at any website which lists NX200 detailed specs, you will see that NX200 always had 12-bit RAW files. So nothing seems to have changed. As for the EXIF info, it could juts be that the original firmware had a big and reported incorrect value for this field.

After futher review of the old firmware SRW files I tend to agree with you.
(There seems to be no RAW color data > 4095 [12 bits])
The Exif BitsPerSample Value must have been set incorrectly to 14
(It may be the Cameras internal ADC is 14bits)

An interesting side note is the Included Silkypics Conversion Software reads the new 1.04 FW SRW files.with no problem.

as mentioned few times before as well the first C1 one that supported NX200 last year does still support it today after the FWupdate so what ever changed on the RAW is special to Adobe and caused by the way Adobe implemented it, which I tend to believe can only be related to the way the auto post processing of lens correction can be as you can open some of the RAW files in LR3.6 if you shot them with the 18-55.

As stated I am able to successful open specific V1.04 raw files within LR3.6 properly.

The problem I do have with this thread is the happiness some folks jump on a rumor mill without even a clue.....

Why don"t those go to the NEX forum and complain a bit about the quality of the Sony lenses... makes much more noise and it at least based on facts.

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