Which to buy EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM or EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM Lens

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Re: F4 for weight/mass

Looks like the OP has already moved on from this thread, but I just wanted to chime in with agreement. When I was looking for a good L tele zoom, I knew these were really the only two I would choose from. So, I rented them both and put them through their paces. Optically, both are OUTSTANDING. A f4, both are amazingly sharp. It's just even more amazing that wide open on the f4 version is so sharp. No need to stop down that lens!

The one stop advantage on the 2.8 version is also nice, providing more capture in low light situations as well as smoother backgrounds when shallow depth of field is important.

Ultimately, though, the f4 won me over with it's considerably smaller size and lessor weight, which should be a consideration for anyone who will be handling such a lens for a long period of time at once. I use 1D bodies, so it's all the more important to me since those things are so big already on their own!

There are, indeed, time when I want that extra stop. Mostly in low light church wedding ceremonies. For portraits, however, the f4 still delivers VERY nicely. Plus, NEITHER lens will deliver as creamy a portrait background as a good prime, like a bright 85 or 135, so it may be a moot point for some folks.

By the way, I LOVE the metal body used by both of these lenses. Although my other L lenses are tough enough, it'd be nice if my 24-105 L or 17-40 L were made with that white metal, too.

liquid stereo wrote:

I'm tired of carrying massive equipment. This is why I went with the 70-200/4 L (non IS). This lens is so small and so light that it disappears. When I'm at a sporting event or a racetrack, the massive F2.8 lens is more that a pain in the back.

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