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Re: Do people still need flash meter?

I came across "Joey Quintero" video on youtube (this guy works for years at B&H) aswell as being an editorial/advertisement/beauty photographer, and he did say this about lightmeters that I´d like to quote:

Having a lightmeter is like having a speedometer on your car!, Yes you can drive at a certain velocity by feel (when you're an experienced driver), but you will never know if you're spot on that velocity, as if you just had a speedometer to watch and then correct by the correct amount.

The same with the lightmeter.. do you need it to "drive at a certain speed / having the light ratios and power as you want...? No, you don't have to have it!... BUT!... if you want to spot the intensity/power and ratios of every light and between different light sources, you should use one.

so, it all depends, on your degree of wanting things "perfect" meaning, exact light power at each light you use. And the type of person you are!... cause you can still drive at 80 (or any velocity) just by feeling, if you're an experienced driver.. but, are you sure you aren't doing 76? or 83?... is it ok with you? or do you really want to be spot on 80? then the best thing to do is getting a lightmeter, and learning how to use it accurately... (or getting a car with speedometer!...


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