5D Mark III Video Review

Started Mar 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
Matt Brennan Contributing Member • Posts: 625
Re: then again

Personally, I hope someone got the AF in video correct: Nikon or Canon. It can be a success in the 1DX, the D4, the D800, and/or the 5DIII.

If at least one of these cameras offers a very nice full AF mode in video, then we can be sure that all future releases from both companies will include this much desired feature.

I honestly cannot see myself hand holding a camera in video mode and successfully tracking movement with manual focus. Maybe that is my own personal limitation. I just know that AF in video is a bare bones necessity for me if I hope to explore video beyond some very basic clips with stationary subjects.

I am not a video person at this time. However, it is certainly something that I might like to explore.

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