Canon 7D quits, then works fine

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Re: Canon 7D quits, then works fine

Thanks for all the responses! It was a day of looking for a new 7D but then figured that I was not going to give up easy on this. After lens swapping, battery swapping, clock battery swapping that why does the camera just quit?? After no pattern to anything I took another good look into the litho battery compartment. There is a little switch type thingy that I hit with a tooth brush numerous times. It is on the WIDE side of the battery compartment where the flat side of the battery hits when it goes in. I went out and did some shooting, and had an error 02. I went in and formatted my card. Clean card, camera has worked non stop with 300 plus shots. I swapped batteries, lens, cards, everything is working. Go figure, no matter what, this camera has preformed outstanding, and probably close to 200,000 shutters. I will take it out tomorrow for a couple 1,000 shots and see what happens! Could it have just been that little switch that compresses down when the battery goes in, something maybe sticking on and off??? I'll post a follow up soon, thanks again!


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