>>> voting - Challenge 180 - a bit of something in colour <<<

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>>> voting - Challenge 180 - a bit of something in colour <<<

Right, now to give something (in the way of votes) to the something’s.

Lots of different approaches, what a creative and interesting bunch of folk you all are, really enjoyed hosting this one and seeing the images arrive. It must be a rare event, but there is more in the competition than the exhibition which I guess means it pushed a few folk outside their normal style. Which is good. I think
Right, that’s enough of that – now get on and vote

You have 16 points (votes) to give out among all the photos of one gallery, and there are two separate galleries now open for voting - Competition and Exhibition.

You must give one photo in each gallery 4 points as your top pick for that gallery.

You may then give the remaining 12 points in each gallery to the others within that gallery, distributed however you like, but no other photo can get 4 points.

If you run out of votes, you can award an Honourable Mention by clicking on the "H". Remember, the H's are free, so be generous!
Please, vote in both galleries.
Please, do not vote for your own pictures.

If you use the same login you can go back and change your votes up to closing. Be sure to save your votes each time, though.

Voting is from now until Wed 28th March , 9 pm (GMT). At this point the scores will be calculated by the amazing voting machine brought to us by Warren Sarle, whom we can never thank enough.

Results will be posted as soon as possible after tabulation. The Competition winner will choose the next theme and be the moderator of next challenge.

It is a good idea to take a look at each gallery in slideshow mode before voting. Thumbnails don’t always give an accurate representation of the larger photo.
VOTE here: http://warrensarle.com/vote/
And many thanks to PBase for kindly hosting our challenges:
Galleries to look at: http://www.pbase.com/oly_foto_review/c180_challenge
Handy time checker http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/

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