Considering the Carl Zeiss 24mm

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Re: Considering the Carl Zeiss 24mm

I had the X100 and sold it in favor of more stuff for the Nex7. I did the same with my5d2, but that's another story. The Nex with the 24/1.8 produces images that are more contrasty, sharper and more detailed IHMO than the X100 - as you would expect with a good lens and twice the MP count. Add to that a much faster AF and the ability to actually manual focus with Nex, the awesome Nex EVF (Fuji's was crap and I never used the OVF because its always sunny where I live), the fact that I can fire off 10fps in RAW and not have the camera freeze on me while it writes to the card and so on... ditching the X100 was a no-brainer for me. I also shoot RAW, so the super Fuji jpeg engine does not factor into my decision.

I agree with others that a good MF lens will be much cheaper, I have a few Rokkors that combined cost the same as the ZA, but its nice to have the IQ with AF. Sometimes I just want to compose and fire - like at a party and the speed of 24 makes it simple. I thought I'd miss the X100, but I haven't looked back. Its only been a few days, but I'm really enjoying the Nex7. Price-wise the ZA slots between Canon's cheap 24 and the 24L, and IMHO its as good as the 24L, just a stop slower. But the Canon is a bit soft on the edges wide open, and at 1.8 IMHO its no sharper than the ZA, and it costs quite a bit more. So its all relative.

Some say the Nex is not pocketable with the 24 mounted, but the X100 wasn't a pocket camera for me either. I throw the Nex/ZA in my laptop bag during the week or a small sling bag with a few lenses, a flash with some wireless triggers when I'm looking for shots. Either way the ZA is always with me.

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