"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Riley... What Sony does know....

Sony is very committed to the SLT concept, and seems to be convinced they can replace DSLRs with SLTs.

The A700 was replaced by the A77 and
The A900 will probably be replaced by an A99

And they may be right, because the big rap on SLTs is that an EVF is "not as good as an OVF" and there is absolutlely no doubt that EVFs will get better. In some ways, and EVF can actually be better than an OVF, but I still understand why many people still prefer an OVF.

The SLT ergonomics are very similar to a DSLR. My A55 SLT handles very much like an OLympus E620 does. And almost the exact same size and weight.

SLTs also have some very interesting benefits:

  • Incredibly fast burst rate. Right up there with pro grade Nikons and Canons.

  • New lens mount not needed. Uses all existing Alpha lenses.

  • Continuous PDAF even during video, live view or continuous shooting mode

  • Extremely fast focusing speed, even in low light

  • Lack of camera shake due to mirror movement

  • Much quieter due to no mirror slap

  • No viewfinder blackout while taking photograph

  • Shorter shutter lag

  • Exposure value, white balance and other settings can be easily and directly verified on the electronic viewfinder (and thus tweaked) before taking a picture.

But there are some disadvantages too:

  • The damn thing eats batteries, due to the EVF

  • EVFs are getting better, but OVFs still provide the best view

The other rap against SLTs are that you will lose 1/3 to 1/2 stop of light to the translucent mirror. And this is certainly true. But will it matter when your sensor is good enough to still deliver really good results at ISO 6,400?

For me it sure doesn't.

IMHO, Sony is looking forward with a very smart strategy. SLT's for those who demand SLR style cameras, and MILC cameras for everyone else. And unlike Olympus, they didn't orphan their best lenses in the process.

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