"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: Wait until Canon brings out G1X with interchangable lenses...

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

The market for "serious" cameras is quite traditional. The market leaders are the ones that produce the least innovation.

Name recognition is everything.

Change purely for the sake of it is time wasted IMO

lots of people waste time and money,
We call it trendy consumerism, auto makers call it progress

How many people update their car b/se they like the 'coke bottle' shape, or got out of that to go back to the 'box' shape. This years metallic colours that will fade before their time, claims of better MPG that should have been achieved the year before.

the thing is even if you were to take the position that mirrorless is a 100% backward step, these things are popular and they sell, and manufacturers are in the business of selling stuff.

Cameras without viewfinders are of limited use to some people. Not everything that gets thrown into the market is well thought out.

to some certainly

they do seem to be using them in enthused ways in 1041 though, and seem tragically unaware that their cameras are useless..

Sony continue to pursue their SLT models with a light sucking mirror, that's just a re-hash of old tech that was dumped years ago.

How is this innovation I ask?

I agree its an imperfect solution, but its better than doing nothing much at all. I think there are better ways of building the 'hybrid' type, perhaps all that is revealed is not all that is revealed.

but I do recognise that SLT has brought other things to the table.

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