NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

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Re: NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

Daniel actually claims he's not a pro photographer, despite some settings that seem to be the kind where one needs security clearance, which only a photographer can get.

He gets free equipment, but shrouds it on all the forums he spams with his thinly-veiled Samsung ads disguised as posts. He simply copies and pastes on various forums the same stuff that goes on the Samsung pages, but neglects to include his status with them. I guess it bypasses the ad requirements of the sites and saves Samsung. Other site administrators have already raised issues about it. Here, he refuses to clearly state in his signature anything about being supplied, electing to put the specious "powered by Samsung".

It's fairly obvious that the korean-english translation came from the Samsung Imaging marketing people. It's not like Poland has a glut of Koreans running around, ready to translate technical language specific to cameras.

He didn't "just notice a new FW update", unless he speaks Korean and was trolling the Korean Samsung page, which is actually what he posted, along with getting someone to translate, as he claimed.

tecnoworld wrote:

correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Daniel is a Samsung employee. I think he is a professional photographer getting free equipment from Samsung in exchange of pictures made with it to post on his site.

I think he has no direct connection with the software department, so he probably just noticed a new fw for the nx200 "apparently" addressing the huge Raw files and he shared it with the forum.

Unfortunately the update has this bad thing of reducing from 14bit to 12bit, which is really negative towards customers.

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