Considering the Carl Zeiss 24mm

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sean lancaster
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Re: Considering the Carl Zeiss 24mm

Grant wrote:

The CZ 24mm is a popular lens but I just can't get my head around the cost (from a former "L" addict). No stabilization and F1.8. I'd opt for a MF lens. Canon 24 F2.8 FD

Um, AF.

Seriously, I enjoy MF. I have a few Canon FD lenses that I really enjoy shooting with. I put them on when I am having fun and not shooting anything that I really need (The 50/1.4 is pretty nice for portraits, though). But when I really need shots, particularly when I need many handheld shots, then AF is my choice nearly every single time. I am with you that the cost just seems astronomical, but I have yet to find a substantive review that demonstrates this lens not living up to the price. Yeah, it's still crummy. I was all set to get the Sigma 19 and 30 and not get the Zeiss when I sent it back the first time. But once I had the Zeiss I was put under its spell, I suppose. I just really like the results I get. I feel like have a pretty good lens combo in the Zeiss 24 and the SEL50.

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