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Demand for E5 replacement

"The market for an E5 replacement, even a greatly improved one, is not that large."

How do you know? Are there any figures for ZD lens sales and their distribution by lens type? Are there any figures for the numbers of ZD lenses still in active use? Are there any figures to correlate the active lenses with the bodies they are being used with?

Frankly, no one without the above figures to hand has any idea at all of the likely demand. Demand is further influenced by the size of the E5 replacement. If it is a great advance, I propose that, in general terms, current E5 users will buy it even if it small, while current E-xxx users won't buy it if it is large.

In sum, no one knows anything. The launch of an E5 replacement will be a gamble - as it has been for every camera ever launched. No more so. No less so.


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