The Cheapskate's Guide to 3D Videography

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Re: The Cheapskate's Guide to 3D Videography

Markr041 wrote:

All I can say is the to see 3D in full color in 16:9 widescreen from the 3D1 on even the passive monitor is great. There is debate about whether passive is full HD or not as the two sides are interleaved so that you see all the pixels.

Although the SBS format does split the video into 2 X 960 x 1080 and then stretches it to fill fullscreen, I do think it's not the same as 1X 960 X1080 would be either.

'All' the available pixels from 1920X1080 are as you say, there to be viewed.

OK., not full HD but not half HD either. I have some editied video taken with the Bloggie 3D which includes some stills also taken by the Bloggie and the Fujifilm W3, and the stills are pretty crisp even when downscaled to SBS half-frame 3D.

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