Reverse Mounting lens for Macro?

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Re: Where did you get the adapter ?

I'm still trying to understand the physics/math behind these lens pairs. What advantage would a 28mm, reversed on the end of my 75mm over a 50mm on the end of my 75mm? would there be less vignetting?

The physics of light was never my strongest subject. I tend to experiment like you. 2:1 is about as much as I need for flowers and plants. I remember trying a 50mm reversed on another 50mm, which gave huge magnification, but I can't remember if it was with bellows or not.

I suggest you go the fairly new Macro forum on this site. There is heaps of info and good examples of what you want to do there, a well as reference to other sites. Explain what yuou want to do and they will help you.

Another site is

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