GH2 w Oly 35mm not working :(

Started Mar 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP David Gwynne-Evans New Member • Posts: 18
GH2 w Oly 35mm working :)


Its not the speediest of autofocus, but its working! I took the lens off, put it back on, and voila! Turns out that the lens had the latest version anyway.

So from my five minutes of playing with it - It appears reaaally slow at focusing. Does this little jerky motion thing that I've never encountered in a camera before. Doesn't always find focus. Also makes a bit of a noise when autofocusing. Focusing manually is a bit disconcerting not knowing when the nearest focus has been reached.

Nonetheless I have a working 35mm 1:1 macro on my camera! Yay!! I'm now amped to go and scour the mountains for flowers once again!
I will post pics in a few days time to show the results.
Cheers, and thanks for helping.

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