NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

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Re: NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

photo444 wrote:


I am glad you didn't see any difference in IQ between 1.04 and before.

How are you measuring IQ? on a 6bit LCD Display?

As I understand it, the 2 extra bits (if real and not noise) can be used when applying a curve to highlight(increase) shadow detail when processing the Raw image for display(or high end printing)

Which begs the question why use RAW if it's not RAW (Image Post Processing being the key here)

There have been a hoopla in SLRClub in Korea regarding this issue, too. Some people pointed out that the SPEC of NX200 clearly says 12bit pixel. At this time there definitely is a confusion. The reduced IQ which some have observed after updating the firmware 1.04 could be anything else as well, for example, older ROW was manipulated by ACR v6.6 while the new ROW was done with v6.7, and the two versions are not identical. There is no SRW file that can be processed by both versions, either.

If exiv2 program really detect 14 bit resolution from the older ROW file, is the SPEC of NX200 wrong? How about the validity of exiv2?

The Tools exiv2 or exifphoto are not the issue, the EXIF data in the SRW container with the TAG BitsPerSample has changed from 14 to 12, incorrectly or not.

Many have to be answered at this moment, and Samsung has to say something about this.

The meaning of this is yet to be determined, for now it is a change that may indicate a reason why some of various programs now fail to decode ver 1.04 SRW images.

Another Tag that Changed is the Compression EXIF Tag
FW Ver 1.04 now shows this as 0x8002 (Samsung SRW Compressed [ref:exiftool])
Original FW as 0x8001 (Packed RAW [ref:exiftool])

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