X100 1.20: remaining quirks/bugs

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X100 1.20: remaining quirks/bugs

The recent 1.20 update was fantastic! Thank you Fuji for listening.

Some of us are still hoping a few more things will make it into a future update in order to make this amazing camera even better as it seems some new unexpected behavior was introduced in 1.20 as well as a few old quirks was not addressed.

I've tried to separate bugs from quirks.


  • B4 . If you lock AF via the AFL/AEL button, it is impossible to define an AE correction factor via the EV correction wheel, even if the AFL/AEL button has been configured to exclusively lock AF.


  • Q1 . If you access ISO values via the Fn button, the list of available values does not contain Auto ISO.

  • Q2 . Please elaborate in the next release notes on why the white bar on the focus distance scale has changed between 1.13 and 1.20 (potential bug?)

  • Q3 . If you configure the AFL/AEL button to lock automatic exposure, then pressing the button will directly initiate an AE measurement and lock the result - no need to half-press the shutter button beforehand. If however the AFL/AEL button is configured to lock automatic focus, then you DO need to half-press the shutter button beforehand to make an AF measurement. NOT half-pressing the shutter button before will still make the AF frame go green, but the button will lock on to the previous AF measurement which might have measured a completely different target. Should not the AFL/AEL button work following the same operating sequence, regardless of whether it is configured to lock AE or AF?

  • Q4 . The battery indicator is very unreliable.

Please do reply with your concise thoughts and help Fuji understand what the general consensus is on these issues – and other issues you might have – and especially what is considered a bug vs a quirk so that bugs get fixed first. I'm pretty sure they read these forums and listens.


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