Fuji X Pro 1 vs. Canon 5D ( purchased 2006 )

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Re: Fuji X Pro 1 vs. Canon 5D ( purchased 2006 ) Bennito you may want

to visit the Fujifilm SLR/x100 forum at this site. They are more likely to be able to give you better answers there, as they have some users of the cameras that you are interested in.

bennito42 wrote:

Currently am the owner of Canon 5D , 17-40 L lens, 24 - 105 L lens and 70 -300 zoom plus 580 EX 11 flash plus various filters ...etc etc .

Due to health problems ( am over 70 ) , I can no longer go hiking with all this "heavy equipment".... I need something lighter and am currently am looking at other alternatives, like the Fuji X Pro 1.

I have 2 concerns.... (1) The Fuji Pro is a new , and yet proven model and (2) will there be a decline in the quality of prints ( 36 x 24 inch )

What else should one be looking at ?

I'm somewhat reluctant to change from Canon because I've personally found their Customer Service in Aus. to be excellent.

BTW, I also own a Canon G 12 mainly for personal family pics
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