My 'low-res' D700 and 'junk' lenses...

Started Mar 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
KenBuse Regular Member • Posts: 256
Re: My 'low-res' D700 and 'junk' lenses...

The D800 makes a great entry point to FX. Those who were ready for FX 3-4 years ago and bought a D700 got one of the best affordable FX cameras available. Now, those ready to make the jump will get their D800s and will also experience the best Nikon has to offer in terms of affordability and IQ with a body. What's not to like?

I think those who invested in D700s have many, many, good experiences with their camera to have benefited tremendously. Guys like myself, bought a D80 in 2008, spent half as much, and now have something that has been leapfrogged by Nikon's latest camera bodies. I'm not crying about the D80 and money spent, just looking forward to experiencing the next step for me.

No need to justify your D700s or fret about not buying the latest offering by Nikon. Do what you want, enjoy your camera, post pictures. Have fun.

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