D3s v X-Pro 1 comparison

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Re: D3s v X-Pro 1 comparison

It is possible that Fuji sets their ISO lower than what is displayed.

So if you're using A mode at ISO6400, Fuji might actually set the sensor to ISO3200 and use a slower shutter speed. In a well-lit studio test, you wont notice this, you will just go "woah my camera kicks ass". In dim lighting, you will notice the shutter being too slow and just switch to 12800, and still go "woah clean 12800!!".

Notice I'm just explaining the possible theory and not asserting anything. More tests need to be carried out.

ohmydentist wrote:

This will also explain their "excellent" high ISO results. Olympus took the same route with om-d.

I don't know what "route" you speak of, but if there's no IQ trade-off with that approach, does it matter?

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