NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

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Re: 14 bits is useless data on most cams... (more)

paulhome wrote:

viking79 wrote:

14 bits is excessive data on most cameras and you are basically making extra bits of noise. A camera has a certain signal to noise ratio for each pixel, and you only need so many bits of data to sample that. If you sample more bits than that you are just getting noise, no useful data.


Do you really believe that ?. The whole point of raw is that you get as much data as possible and then take if from there.

The argument you make is more suited to a raw vs jpg situation. The extra 2bit of data will give you more detail in the shadows which may be the nosiest area, but its data i would rather have than loose. The you can choose to reduce the noise pp if you wish.

There is no argument 14bit raw is better than 12bit raw.

RAW works differently to JPEG. I think with the NX200's sensor, it doesn't have the DR to really span 14 bit tone. Thus samsung may have made it 12 bit + extra exposure information to adjust the tone curves from each colour.

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