G1 X in-camera settings (custom colors)

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Marco Nero
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Just my G1X settings....

Chris DeVeau wrote:

I got my G1 X about a week ago - I like it!

I've been reading on the forum that several other people have adjusted the contrast, saturation, and sharpness to +1 so I gave it a try and kind of like the results. But then again, I also read that some think the default sharpness is already too high.

Are my eyes fooling me? I would like to know what the general consensus and preferences are on the in-camera settings, especially the sharpening.

These are just my own preferences but this is how I've set my G1X Camera:

I think the default sharpness might be a little SOFT which would make sense. I prefer to sharpen the images slightly in-camera (see below). My settings are as follows:

  • Digital Zoom : OFF

  • ISO setting: Auto

  • ISO in daylight is manually altered to under ISO 200

  • Auto ISO Max: 1600 (default)

  • Exposure Dial: -1 (to avoid blowing out highlights in bright scenes)

  • I shoot in P-Mode unless the target might be moving, in which case I will shoot in Tv Mode.

  • Focus Frame (reticule) set to SMALL . Default is large. This helps in increasing accuracy with the focus. It's surprisingly accurate.

  • S-Button is set to ND Filter (Neutral Density Filter)

Generally speaking, I shoot in Auto ISO which works SURPRISINGLY well with this camera. Normally the Canon compacts resort to unnecessarily high ISOs ...but not with this camera.

  • LCD Screen brightness is cranked up just one notch above the halfway (default) setting. I originally cranked it right up but found that some images appeared darker than they seemed to appear on the screen. Now they appear on the screen to be almost identical to what the camera has captured.

  • I shoot in JPEG (High Quality) only which allows me to select from My Colors (below)

  • My Colors

  • Saturation +1

  • Sharpness +1

  • Contrast +1

I leave Dynamic Range Correction in 'AUTO' .

But note that since this feature may boost the details in both shadows and highlights, noise may creep into pictures that contain bright highlights with subtle backgrounds that are shadowed as the camera MAY attempt to punch out details that it thinks you might want to capture. It's only shown up in two of my shots in a significant way - out of thousands.

Finally, I have set the programmed buttons C1 and C2 as follows:

  • C1: ( Infra Red ) White Balanced for Infra Red filters with an ISO of 3200 or 4000

  • C2: ( Starlight Night Shots) White Balanced for "Tungsten" and 13 or 15 second exposures at ISO 1000.

Hope this helps in your own setup in some way. These are just my own preferences.

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