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I was a long time user of Capture One, from 2003 until 2010. For me, the image quality was second to none. However, when I happened to try ACR in CS5, I was truly stunned how well it handled noise in the older cameras. Grudgingly, I started using ACR regularly simply for this reason, and quickly came to enjoy many of its other features.

I have recently tested Capture One v6 and I hate to say that I'm not terribly impressed. I LOVED it going back to 3.7, but it was the total change of interface (and workflow) in v4 that caused me to wander to ACR in the first place. Unfortunately, v6 has just convoluted the whole workflow process even further. And, frustratingly, it's now FAR behind LR and ACR when it comes to noise control. In fact, I searched out reviews just to see if it was merely my own particular experience, but some reviews even specifically mentioned poor noise control in v6. A shame. I miss my old C1.

Antony Ellguy wrote:

My wife and I are full time wedding photographers shooting 35-40 weddings a year. We currently use 2x 1Ds III's and am extremely happy with the cameras in every respect except low light performance. Our cameras are relatively lightly used, having shot only approx 65K per unit. We originally had planned to skip the 1DsIII but purchased them after the 1D4 was announced as a crop camera, so they are only 2.5 years old.

From the perspective of a gear head (which I am) I'd love to sell them both and get a couple of 1Dx's. The upgade cost would be reasonable after the sale of the other two bodies, and I had actually planned to do this until the 5D3 was announced. Instead I've chosen to buy a single 5D3 and give that to my wife to shoot, leaving me with less lens changes, and giving her a lighter camera to use. When we need low light we can simply use the 5D3.

Whatever happens, I won't be buying any new camera until RAW support from Capture One is announced. The thought of having to use the Canon Raw converter makes me want to vomit I'll then review the low light performance of the 5D3 vs the 1Dx and make a final decision.

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