Nikon UK will honour pre-order prices of D800 and D4

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Re: Nikon UK will honour pre-order prices of D800 and D4

Silverstreaks wrote:

X-Sync wrote:

At least Nikon are doing the right thing by those who have already pre ordered these camera's. Not good news for those who waited, for whatever reason.
The whole thing is a mess, heads should roll...


You are right. However, will we witness a situation arising in the UK whereby those who order at £2599 will get their D800 before those that ordered as soon as the camera was announced.

That would be totally unethical. But after the events of the past few days, my opinion of Nikon has sunk considerably. Great professional products, but clearly a company who are prepared to take advantage of their customers when they get the opportunity. Perhaps I'm being harsh on Nikon as a whole, Nikon UK on the otherhand should be renamed 'Rip Off Nikon'...


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