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Re: Storage solution using PDA

Hello All,

Thanks for your enthusiasm. I've used drivers from the site mentioned. Using it I was able to see Memorystick and all files on my Memorystick within PDA explorer. But I was unable to copy and .jpg file from MS to PDA (no matter what size).

I recently talked to Toshiba Tech support and Sony Tech Support.

Toshiba Tech Support was horrible. As soon as I said i'm connecting camera using USB expansion pack the guy said he cannot answer anything related to that. He was not even willing to listen what the matter is.

Then I called Sony, the Tech support was comparatively decent person. He was also not sure what to do with my situation. But during discussion. I figured out that Sony Digital camera is not recognizing a file if you change file name. i.e. When Sony digital camera takes snap it stores file name as DSC0001.jpg (or something like that).

Now when i copy same file to computer using USB it gets converted to something else e.g. Rubal0001.jpg.

Now if I copy back Rubal0001.jpg to my camera (using USB connection) then camera will not show me Rubal0001.jpg although it is copied from camera.

Now if i copy same Rubal0001.jpg file from computer to PDA using activesync then it shows me that file in Resco Picture viewer.

It seems to me that the file naming is a conflict between Toshiba PDA and Sony Digital camera.

There should be a mechanism similar to activesync which will take care of file conversion for PDA. So that PDA could read file.

Any idea related to this ?

I would appreciated if anyone able to copy files using USBMSC.dll drivers will post there solution here.



Rocky C. wrote:
Here is a web site with a downloadable driver for USB mass storage
devices. You'll want to be carefull as this is an alpha version of
the driver and recognized as being unstable and could make you lose
data on your Pocket PC. Also, other comments that I've seen suggest
that it doesn't work very well with large file transfers to the
e740 but we'll keep an eye on the site to if he gets the bugs
worked out.

Good luck!

mjoshi wrote:

Hi All,

I recently bought Toshiba e740 PDA. It can take CF and SD media
formats. I've Sony DSC F717 which takes 128 MB MS format. Is there
a way to use my PDA with 1 GB CF to store images directly from MS
without transfering it to computer. My PDA is having USB port for
keyboard, mouse / printer connection.



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