Good retro film lens to add to 4/3 GF2

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Re: Try before you buy?

nick_nz wrote:

Thanks everyone for feedback. Have had a bit more of a think about the shots I'd like to take and after looking over my photos realise most of the shots I've taken similar to this are with this lens between 28-40mm before conversion so 56-80mm after double crop factor. So have decided to go with a 28mm f2.8 or 35mm f2.8. Now just have to find one that I can get to sydney before i leave sunday week, pentax seems to make one at both lens that looks ok priced (around $60-80), but most are on bidding auctions so wouldn't finish in time.

Another way to get manual lenses would be to ask friends and relatives if they have an old 35mm film camera kicking around and ask to borrow a lens (or two?). Most of us know a few people who lugged their 35mm SLRs around all time and now shoot digital.

I was lucky enough to inherit a several excellent manual Pentax SMC Takumar and Olympus lenses and they really gave me a taste for "going manual".

Good luck on the hunt!

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