Thank you Pentax

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Thank you Pentax

It all started about 1-1.5 years ago when my favorite lens (Tamron) started giving out-of-focus images. Then, some problems with other lenses/cameras combinations started to be obvious. But after A LOT of evaluation and testing it appeared that, along with some problems of some lenses, at least my K10d (I also had a K100d Super) had some focusing issues. Any lens I would mount on it (more than 13 tested) would be malfunctioning. Of to Pentax service and they detected 1 or 2 problems with K10d. The suggestions of some very kind members of this forum helped a lot during that stage.

To cut the long story short, after 4 attempts of the service center the problems decreased but my Pentax lenses (4 in total, as I bought 2 new in the service-rejection-re service stage) were not focusing good on my K10d or K100dS. I never regretted buying those two new lenses (a 35DA f2.4 and a 18-85WR), regardless of the frustration. They are great and inexpensive investments.

So, the awesome Greek representative, who has been very supporting and fair with both sides, managed to handle a solution that would be fair for all. Now, I am a happy and proud owner of a K5 and I know that my K100d S requires no more than an AutoFocus FineAdjustment (debug mode, anyone?). I am also very confident which lenses do have problems or not. And as a customer, I feel that, not only my case was treated with care at the end, but my issues were taken into consideration and actions were also taken as to avoid similar problems in the future.

During all this frustrating period, I read, tested and learned a lot regarding the requirements of the PDAF system. Not only camera requirements or lens requirements, but user requirements too. Not as a forgiveness of sins for low QC and big variations, I do applaud Pentax for allowing users of even entry level models to adjust the focus accuracy of the camera, which allows for correction of problems of the camera itself, but also problems of any lens mounted on the cameras (Pentax or third party). Even the accurate focus confirmation of MF lenses. I have to say a loud thank you to Pentax Hellas for supporting my (well documented I believe) complaints. I also have to say thank you to Pentax Europe for the interest to keep a customer happy. Last but not least, I feel a need to say thank you to all theses members of this or other forums (the “Other Forum” included) for their support and sharing of their knowledge.

A special thanks to Yvon Bourque for sharing his AF chart

which seems one of the most accurate and helpfull I have used. Actually, I prepared and I am currently using a different chart which is based on Yvon’s and Pentax’s methodology that I will happily share with you when fine-tuned.

And Yes, K5 is a great imaging tool. Looking forward to use it axpand my photo portofolio and applications. I do miss the masculine feel of K10d, but K5 seems very refined and finetuned to greater standards. More info when I have used it properly.

One happy camber here in a big family.

Thank you Pentax, thank you Pentaxians,

I am sorry for the long post. I tried to shrink it, but then I let it long. Our complaints are long enough, let's have some long possitive posts too, with the whole story presented as honestly as our human nature allows.

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