NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

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Re: NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

It's hard to say. Under ideal conditions, it's hard to tell most cams from one another- ie: when DR in the composition isn't extremely wide and lighting is quite good. The problems arise in real life usage, where you do have shadows and bright conditions on the same composition and have to deal with all sorts of clipping in the composition phase, but then at that point, to raise shadows without noise and hope you don't have clipped highlights, is sometimes tough. Most of it is choosing equipment with good DR. Having the 14 bit helps with pushing these parameters in PP, not only in extreme conditions, but mild, normal ones. Raise the ISO and you're further narrowing the DR and adding noise into the mix even before raising shadows, for instance. These are not the only parameters, but basically, as many bits as possible would be nice. The EX1 cleans well because of the 14 bit data. I don't think it would clean up as well and be competitive with the output if it had 12 bits, like many others in the class, though they do hold their own.

tkpenalty wrote:

well it'd be nice if i could get some clear indication as to whether or not there is a loss in image quality for sure. Theoretically yes, but who knows?

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