D800 for sports?

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Re: D800 for sports?

I think the OP shouldn't be put off by the rather condescending comments from Dan Nikon. Who cares what the pros might or might not do? You are a keen photographer and if you can afford the best gear get it. His comments are a bit like saying if you aren't a professional race car driver, don't buy a sports car! How large you print is also irrelevant. You said yourself you will use those extra pixels for cropping.

I have a D3s which does all-round duty for me but which absolutely excels with sports, indoors and out. It doesn't excel for travel as I have to carry a separate flash for it (yeah, a built in flash is still pretty useful for low powered fill), and it's too large. So I've ordered a D800 and will use both. I will certainly try the D800 with sport, but suspect the D800's low frame rate will trump it's higher IQ for sport applications. So I'm thinking I'll continue with the D3s for sport, while using the D800 for everything else.

Time will tell. I hope you make the right decision for your needs, and don't be put off by people saying the D800 (or any other camera or lens for that matter), is too much camera for you.

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