Nikkor 50mm F-1.2

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Re: Nikkor 50mm F-1.2

I guess your birthday has come and gone... what did you end up getting?

For the sake of discussion, I own an f/1.2 "big glass" and use it on my D300. I don't know what other lenses you own but if you have an 18-200mm, at 50mm the maximum aperture is around f/4.8 — that's 4 stops slower than f/1.2 and even VRII won't buy you 4 stops in the real world (most of the time).

The 1.2 is the real deal... not plastic and it's built like a tank. Image quality is phenomenal (but I haven't used the other Nikkor 50mm primes but everywhere says the 1.2 is the best). You don't get any bells and whistles, like AF, but it's a pleasure to use. At f/1.2 you'll have about 3 inches of DOF in front of a subject that is 10 feet away, so any closer I suggest using a tripod. Just normal wobbling around on your feet can bring a subject in and out of focus.

I had real trouble getting accurate focus at close range until I bought a KatzEye, which also improved shots taken with my Reflex-Nikkor 500mm. Oh yeah, buy and use a lens hood.

The f/1.2 does suffer from sagittal coma flare (sometimes producing "angel wings" when wide open) but stopped down you get beautiful 18-point stars off of bright point sources at night.

Not an easy lens to use and takes some time to get used to but it's gorgeous!
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