Nikon 85 1.8 after owning 70-200 ??

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Re: Nikon 85 1.8 after owning 70-200 ??

nkarasev wrote:

I own both: nikkor 70-200 and 85 F/1.8 AF (non D)

My personal opinion on having the 85 in addition to the zoom is that sometimes you'd want a smaller lens which is tack sharp and is fairly long at the same time.

The 85mm G is bigger in size than the D or non-D versions, but it is at least lighter in weight.

How much am I using either? Well, for what I shoot mostly nowadays it is pretty much only 70-200. Would I keep the 85mm? Yes, only for the reason that I won't get much of $ for it if I sold it. Plus I am still occasionally use it.

If this were me, I would get the 90/100/105 macro instead even though it is slower than 1.8, but again - this would be my pref because it would be both: reasonable portrait and macro in one. With 85mm I don't have macro and I am not into portraits that much.

Should you get 85mm?

Not if you want a sharper lens than your sig is.

Not really if you want a faster one, but you might want to evaluate just how much the difference between F/2.8 and F/1.8 is for your shallow DOF needs. Just don't expect a miracle here - at least my 70-200 is incredibly smooth.

Yes, if you want a really small package that goes fast and fairly far - something good for travel with just two/three primes in your pockets (yes, it fits in pocket, at least the non-D version)


thanks nik. this is a really good answer. okay, the thing is that i already have 60 afs for macro. but now u saying this, maybe i should dump my 60 afs and use the proceed to get 105VR, but again, i dont think i will get much from 60 afs. so its pretty hard now. i am so torn.

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