B&H not an authorized Nikon dealer?

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Re: B&H not an authorized Nikon dealer?

Robin Casady wrote:

Nikon USA has this list of authorized Nikon dealers:


I don't find B&H in there. Do they go by a different name? Did Nikon USA make a mistake? Or, did B&H lose their authorized status?

Nikon USA's oversight. We are certainly a Nikon USA authorized retailer.

Kaj E wrote:

The OP's list is just a couple of days old. B&H has apparently been dropped.

In fact we have not. The omission is Nikon USA's error.

ne beginner wrote:

I bought a Mac from them a year ago, which turned out to be DOA. Apple was very helpful diagnosing the problem, but once we got to the "what to do" part, they looked up the serial number and said it was 6 months old unit sold to B&H, B&H was not an authorized dealer, so I had to deal with them, not Apple.

An ongoing problem retailers have with Apple. My personal opinion is Apple knows they need other retailers but if they could have things exactly as they want them, Apple would only be sold in Apple retail stores.

lanef wrote:

My understanding was if you sell grey, Nikon will not allow you to be their authorised seller at the same time,

In the USA that's not the case.

iwannabesedated wrote:

Is it customary for Nikon to drop ship directly to NPS members, bypassing the retail outlet? -iwbs

They've done this before with pro-level cameras.

Robin Casady wrote:

Look at the listings for Nikon DSLRs at B&H. They used to have two listings—one for the USA version and one grey market. Now they only have one listing and there is no mention of it being a USA version.

Because we do not sell "grey market" digital slrs. The US vs "grey market distinction applies to some lenses, 35mm slrs, speedlights and film.

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