X100: Quick questions from potential buyer.

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Re: X100: Quick questions from potential buyer.

owenleve wrote:

The x100 is a fun camera but has some major issues, depending on what you are going to use it for.

If you plan on using it for fun, not work then you will be happy provided you never need to shoot anything fast moving, perhaps even moving.

The focus is very slow even with the new firmware update.

Yesterday I shot an event and wanted to try my x100 in lieu of my d3s for a bit. A total let down. Slow to focus, even in good light and garbage in low light and totally unusable for an event type situation. The viewfinder and lag of the screen is also a deal breaker.

Power up time is greatly increased with a fast sd card. Still slower than most point and shoot cameras, which is odd.

I have shot some music in low light. Does a great job, just know you will miss shots here and there due to focus hunting.

oh, did I mention poor battery life?

Reybabes wrote:

This review seems pretty harsh, but as an X100 shooter, I have to say that it mirrors my own experience pretty well. I've had many times when I've wanted to take photos of gatherings with friends when the light wasn't optimal and the AF hunting made me miss "the moment". Total bummer.

I agree. If you value reliable, fast AF on a camera (like me), this is not the one to get.

I went from using an E-PL2 with Panasonic 14mm and 20mm pancakes to an X100 for a couple of weeks and found that the X100 AF was worse (in terms of speed and ability to achieve a lock) than what I was getting with the E-PL2.

This is saying something, as the E-PL2 does not have perfect AF (especially when paired with the 20mm - an M43 lens known for having excellent IQ, but with comparatively slow AF speed and occasional issues locking focus/hunting in low light) but overall I still found the AF more functional than the X100.

I was torn by the fact that I had other "lesser" cameras (E-PL2, s90) with relatively fool-proof and accurate AF systems . It's a bit of an apples/oranges comparison from a technical standpoint, but the end result was that, my most "pro" grade camera did not perform on par as my "lesser" cameras in this one fundamental element.

In the end, I couldn't justify the AF performance compromise for a $1k+ purchase even though I thought that its strengths - superb JPEG IQ and colors, high ISO, build quality, fill flash, viewfinder and styling - were top-grade and hard to give up. I have since exchanged the X100 for an E-P3 which I've found to be miles ahead in terms of AF performance and usability (albeit with inferior IQ and high ISO capabilities compared to the X100).

To the OP: As many others have said, your best bet is to borrow or rent one for a few days and see how you feel based on your priorities. The x100 is one unique camera with very polarizing strengths and weaknesses. As for me, I'm still keeping an eye on how the AF/firmware developments progress...

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